Work Product: We Make Documents

Our philosophy of engineering is that we make documents so you may manufacture your products.

  • Schematics
  • Bills of materials
  • Assembly drawings
  • PCB layouts
  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Windows software installs
  • Fixture documents and procedures

We do all the required documents. Here is a wiring diagram of a high-power lighting system.


Work Product: We Make Prototypes

We can make prototypes and short production runs until your long term manufacturing is set up. We have resources for stencil, wave and IR reflow, kitting, buying and testing.

On left is a short run of industrial products.




NDA's and Contracts

We can work with you to insure your information is protected and our working relationship is well defined.

We are happy to sign your NDA, or we have a standard NDA as well.


Patents and IP

We can help you develop your intellectual property for you product. We have invented or helped to invent many innovative additions to products, and have written up inventions for many patent documents and helped respond to the USPTO to gain the patents.

On the left is the discription of the power supply method for a patent.


Fixed Bid or Time and Materials?

We can do a fixed bid or time and materials bid for your product development. In general, simple product developments or products that can change during development are better done as time and materials contracts.


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